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HyperFormance We currently do not offer this product for sale on our online shopping cart. For quotes and ordering information, please call us at (281)565-8600.
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Bijur's HyperFormance Air/Oil Lubricating System delivers high-efficiency lubrication and cooling for high-speed spindles and other surfaces requiring accurate oil deliveries. The advanced design delivers precise amounts of lubricant and eliminates residual drift of "oil fog" or mist during operation.

The system utilizes a special design Positive Displacement Injector (PDI) with oil outputs to a close tolerance level down to 0.01 cc/cycle. This permits exact oil volumes to be discharged into an air mixing valve, for controlled air and oil flows through clear plastic tubing to critical bearing points.

Small intermittent discharge from injectors flows along the inside tube wall and stretches out along the length of the tube. Air expansion at nozzle tip delivers controlled spray (not mist) to bearing for optimum performance.

The HyperFormance system can deliver small or large air flows to bearings and handles a wide range of oil viscosities.

  • Integrated package provides clean, regulated air and oil flow to bearings
  • Individual, controlled air flow to each point
  • Mixing block injectors deliver precise oil output
  • Modular system - add or change components as required
  • Customized kits available for special applications
HyperFormance Specialty System
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