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Meter units are oil proportioning devices for cyclic systems. Each outlet of a Bijur lubricating system is controlled by a meter unit. The lubricator in the system dispenses known amounts of oil to the distribution network & meter units deliver this oil in varying amounts to the bearing points.

Metering Units

Meter units can only be used in cyclic operation lubrication systems. Note: Should not be used with continuous delivery systems. Meter units feed in one direction only.


Each meter unit is stamped with a letter and number designation. When ordering, specify the complete symbol and part number as follows (Example): Meter Unit, Type FSA-0, Part Number B1083.OIL DELIVERY


Standard flow rates range from 00(slow) to 4(fast). 3/0(extra slow) and 5(extra fast) rates are also available. Each incremental increase in rate size doubles the oil flow to a point.

Types & Installation

Straight type (FSA & FT) are mounted directly at bearings. Junction type (FJB & FJD) are screwed into tapped holes in junctions.

Distribution Tubing

FSA uses 5/32” diameter main line tubing FT screws directly to Tee headers (no tubing used).FJB uses 5/32” diameter tail tubes.

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