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Home >> Products >> Automatic Pumps >> SureFire PDI Automatic Lubricator

SureFire PDI Automatic Lubricator We currently do not offer this product for sale on our online shopping cart. For quotes and ordering information, please call us at (281)565-8600.
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Protect expensive machinery with precise lubrication
System Description

Whether you work with machine tools, printing equipment or any kind of machinery, you need to maintain a constant level of lubrication to keep things running smoothly. Reduce wear and tear. And extend equipment life. With multiple lubrication points, it can be a difficult task.

A positive displacement injector (PDI) system from Bijur is the perfect solution that gives you the ability to apply a precise amount of lubricant exactly where it is needed—to lubrication points and bearings. A major benefit of a PDI system is that points can easily be added to or removed from an existing system, depending on your lubrication requirements. And since Bijur develops systems, as well as individual parts, you will know everything works together smoothly, improving your productivity and reducing lubrication costs.

The Bijur SureFire PDI centralized lubrication system is a reliable PDI system that consists of four basic elements:

  • SureFire PDI lubricator pump – stores and pumps lubricant
  • ZEM Series injector – discharges a fixed volume of lubricant
  • Standard compression fittings – lets you connect tubing, injectors and the lubricator
  • Optional push-to-connect fittings – allows you to easily install or change tubing without using tools

Each part of the SureFire PDI centralized lubrication system is an important piece of the lubrication puzzle.

SureFire SLR helps lubricate many industrial applications:
  • Machine tools
  • Mobile
  • Automotive
  • Printing
  • Packaging
  • Injection Molding

SureFire PDI lubricator
The SureFire PDI lubricator provides the central source of oil or fluid grease for the centralized lubrication system. It includes a reservoir to store the lubricant and a pump that pressurizes the lubricant through the system.

The SureFire PDI system is compatible with traditional compression fittings or new push-toconnect fittings, that let you easily install and change tubing without using tools.

There is also an extensive accessory catalog available to support the SureFire PDI centralized lubrication system. Everything from tubing and junctions to adapters and connection hardware can be ordered with the SureFire PDI system, or ordered from Bijur representatives when the need arises.