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Home >> Products >> Automatic Pumps >> ProGreazer / Pro-Matic Oiler Automatic Lubricators

ProGreazer / Pro-Matic Oiler Automatic Lubricators (Discontinued) We currently do not offer this product for sale on our online shopping cart. For quotes and ordering information, please call us at (281)565-8600.

Introducing a new series of positive displacement lubricators for oil & grease. Includes a single & multipoint unit for lubrication of up to 8 points. They’re compact, battery powered, motor-driven, pump stations which are fully programmable. The see-through, screw-in disposable reservoirs are made from “football helmet tough” polycarbonate.

Pump station & grease module may be ordered together or the module may be ordered separately as a replacement reservoir. The Lube Station has 6 settings from 3 hrs to 18 hrs to allow grease to last from 1-12 months. It also has a POWER On/Off switch for machinery shut down periods or it may be programmed for continuous run.

ProGreazer / Pro-Matic Oiler Automatic Lubricators